Baxter Healthcare Business to Business Interactive Strategy

B2B Strategy project leading to the creation of a combined medical products exchange that PwC then built the core SAP order management infrastructure for.  Advised the CEO and executive committee in negotiations with Medtronic, GE Medical and others in the creation of this entity.

Midwest Region Products Strategy and E Business Practice Leader

Led the 180 person Products Strategy and E Business Practice for the Midwestern Region which spanned from Canada to Mexico.  Managed staffing and deployment, resource allocation and major client facing proposal and development efforts.  Supervised a focused team of consultants jump-starting the Firm's e-Business efforts in the region.

ValueRx - Merger Integration and Large Scale Restructuring

Led the large scale merger integration and cost focused restructuring of this leading edge pharmacy benefit manager.  Efforts included major change in:
Member Management
Mail Order Fulfillment
Systems Rationalization
Client ManagementPublish Post

Smithkline Beecham

Advised GSK predecessor SKB on new wave distribution strategies for their pharmacy benefit manager:  Diversified Pharmacy Services.

Farmland Industries Strategy and Restructuring

Led the strategic restructuring of this $6 Billion chemicals and agribusiness conglomerate including:

  • Portfolio rationalization
  • Sales, marketing and distribution restructuring
  • Large scale overhead cost reduction
  • Board reorganization

Merger Integrator Strategic Consulting Leader

Led the strategic consulting component of the PwC Global Merger Integrator combined service offering.  Helped establish methods, training, promotional materials and case studies.  Worked to ensure that all Firm resources were brought to bear on client M&A opportunities.

PricewaterhouseCoopers National MBA Recruiting Program

Led the creation and management of PwC's National MBA recruiting program.  Hired a director and 6 recruiting staff.  Managed a program that connected with over 5,000 and hired over 250 MBAs from scratch.  Exclusively focused on hiring from the top 20 national programs.  Led the program in my 'spare time' for two full recruiting years.

Compaq Global Financial Transformation

Led Compaq's global financial transformation efforts.  These included:

  • Process reengineering as part of enterprise wide SAP implementation
  • Post merger integration of the DEC acquisition
  • Global close cycle reengineering
Led a multi-disciplinary team of PwC and Compaq resources at EMEA, APAC and Americas regions.

Compaq Application Outsourcing Strategic Sale

Conceived and led the strategy and pursuit of a $200 Million Application Process Outsourcing deal with Compaq.  Compaq had recently acquired DEC and had a large number of legacy systems and staff that they wished to integrate over time.  Working with our BPO/APO practice I conceived of a plan to take over these legacy systems and workers and manage their orderly reduction while taking advantage of the resources and skills in our BPO/APO unit.  The CIO and CEO agreed to the proposal and detailed negotiations were starting when a very untimely NY Times article identified Compaq as PwC's major example of Auditor/Consulting independence problems, leading the Boards of both companies to kill the deal.

Maytag Outsourcing Strategy Project

Led the development of a comprehensive back office outsourcing strategy and proposal for the CEO of Maytag, a major large appliance manufacturer.  Plan included comprehensive process transformation and systems renewal utilizing SAP as the core technology.  Developed an entire PwC proposal for a single source partnership with the client.

RightChoice Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services

Assisted RightChoice in evaluating and negotiating partnerships, acquisitions and joint ventures with other BCBS entities, for profit managed care entities and health care providers over a number of years.  Advised the CEO and Board on these transactions.

BCBS Missouri - RightChoice Carve Out project

Assisted BCBS of Missouri in carving out RightChoice - a for profit health insurance company that was sold to investors.  Helped them select investment bankers, identify assets to be included in the new company, define new governance processes and define the strategic messaging for investors.  RightChoice had a successful public offering and was subsequently sold to Wellpoint.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa - M&A Strategy

Merger and acquisition strategy.  Developed a comprehensive evaluation framework for potential merger and acquisition candidates within the Blue Cross Blue Shield system.  Met with CEOs of multiple plans to discuss their strategies and plans for consolidation.  Advised the Board on next steps.

Diageo - Global Interactive and E Business Strategy

Led a global interactive and e business strategic assessment completed for the managing board of Diageo PLC.  Worked with senior management at all major business units around the world to help Diageo management get a full perspective on the efforts, opportunities and most importantly potential strategic synergies available to the group in applying interactive, web and mobile technologies to their customer, retailer, distributor and supplier relationships.

FreightHunter - Enabling flawless third party execution

Leading the OWA relationship with FreightHunter,  a small logistics technology company that has designed a tool to enable third party truckers to manage and resolve critical supply chain failures during the transportation and delivery logistics process.  The tool embeds training, technology and workflow into an easily loaded PDA/Web application so that any trucker can be a "Wal Mart" or "Target" delivery services expert without expensive training or tools.  Assisting them in product definition, go to market strategy and sales to large enterprise CPG clients.  See more discussion on this opportunity here.

Comunicato - Relationship leverage for a visual world

I have founded and am leading the launchof a new business that seeks to 'industrialize' the marketing content business through mass customization tools and workflow.  Working with major investment advisor buying groups and several large securities firms that provide white label back office services to bring the solution to a mass market.  A more detailed description of what we are doing and access to key demos is available here.

Openwater Advisers - Wireless Web 2.0 Enabled Pharmacy Interventions

Working with a portfolio company to develop a complete solution for health insurers, health care providers and physicians to provide real time wireless interventions based upon automated edits in managed care adjudication and retrospective analysis engines.  Utilizing OWA's proprietary Comunicato content mass customization utility we will be able to offer the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry mass-customizable, clinically appropriate content that they can make their own and tie to their systems.  Low cost, automated, yet targeted intervention offers the greatest prospect for enhanced protocol compliance and improved healthcare outcomes in the history of managed healthcare.  See my more detailed description here.

Eckerd Health Services Head of Strategy and Business Development

 SVP Level position on the executive committee, reporting to the CEO of Eckerd Health Services a $5 Billion PBM.  Designed and implemented an exit strategy that restructured and maximized the value of the property to  Eckerd Shareholders.  Implemented new products and product pricing strategies, took redundant distribution assets and made them part of a path breaking BPO service for Aetna Health, both in mail delivery and retrospective utilization review and intervention.  Results:  EHS EBITDA tripled over 3 years and value captured in the CVS acquisition more than doubled. 

Farm Credit Restructuring Strategy and Plan for the first 'Agency Debt' Crisis

Led the evaluation and revision of restructuring and 'bailout' plans for twelve of the 37 Farm Credit Banks.  The FCBs were the first institutions whose debt was informally backed by the US government who ran into financial trouble, much like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Price Waterhouse was asked to assist them in evaluating the financial plans of the various Banks and advising the Farm Credit national assistance request board on revisions to the plans and their financial projections.  I led the process for twelve of these banks.  I also developed a funding valuation model that estimated the amount of Federal assistance needed.  My numbers were presented to Congress as the official request and were validated by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

American Express - New Product Evaluation

Led team that evaluated the viability of a number of enhanced card products for the American Express cards.  Evaluated economics, consumer acceptance, tax efficiency and operational issues.

COO for FinancialSettlementMatrix

FSMX was founded by Citibank, Wells Fargo, S1, I2 and Enron.  Its goal was to create technology and services that would allow enterprises to streamline the settlement process between them and their suppliers/customers.  We designed and developed the initial solution and then due to the extreme distress that the internet market was going through and the investors reluctance to follow through with planned funding, we decided to sell the company to I2.  I was COO.

Vistawiz: Founded and led the startup of a Middle Eastern Financial Services IT Security Wholesaler and Service Provider

Founded this Dubai based regional wholesaler of sophisticated IT security solutions and services for Banks, Brokerages and their Regulators.  Work with some of the most sophisticated global security vendors, including Safenet and BeCrypted.  Built a 100 reseller distribution network from Egypt to Azerbaijan, support sale, implementation and support for hundreds of clients regionally.  Designed and managed the offshore development of our own small business edge device utilizing an innovative web service framework.  Hyderabad software and Taiwan hardware managed from Dubai.  Remain non-executive Chairman.

CoBank Enterprise Reengineering and Cost Reduction

After completing the consolidation of the 12 banks I led a bank-wide restructuring and reengineering of the institution.  The program was divided into two phases:  Field or 'front facing' restructuring which included office closures, redefining lending officer roles, and further refining and streamlining credit decision and administration processes.  The second phase of the project focused on support services, including consolidating all back office functions, establishing new policy and procedure and streamlining lines of accountability and authority.  Areas such as Treasury, HR and IT were aggressively restructured.  Overall the Bank reduced its baseline operating costs by 30%, positioning it for years of profitable growth.

CoBank Post Merger Integration

I led the Post Merger integration of 12 regional Banks for Cooperatives into a single national bank.  Integration tasks included redefining board accountabilities, management reporting structures, revising the credit decision-making process, IT and back office operations alignment and integration, as well as many other items.  The integration was completed in a highly volatile, politicized environment with local political leaders and Congressmen looking over our shoulders.

Cobank Merger Strategy

Cobank is the $60 Billion Federally sponsored Bank for Cooperatives headquartered in Denver, CO.  I advised the internal strategy team that developed and sold the plan to merge 12 small Banks for Cooperatives scattered around the country into a single institution.  I worked with the top management team and board to support the strategic decision-making process in a highly politicized, publicity sensitive environment.

Ntrinsx On Line Behavioral Evaluation Tool

Ntrinsx is a new wave behavioral assessment tool designed with the Web in mind.  Unlike other more venerable tools such as Meyer's Briggs and Disc, Ntrinsx uses a four color format delivered via a web service.  This has two notable outcomes:  First, the web service means that assessment is cheap and quick:  an entire global organization can be assessed in a matter of days, with no assessment taking more than 20 minutes.  Second, the color schema allows for intuitive and high impact communication.  In organizations where it is used such as Google, color immediately conveys style and behavioral tendencies.  The behavioral assessment market has been stuck in Organizational Psychologist purgatory for some time.  I am helping Ntrinsx break out by focusing on the 99% of the opportunities not tied to Org Psych.  For example, the opportunity to use a fun tool to let online consumers identify precisely how they like to be communicated to would be an interactive marketer's dream.  Market segmentation and research would truly enter the realm of psychographics - one on one selling would have a common language and framework that would enable massive expansion.  Here's more on how Ntrinsx enables Relationship Leverage, another 'executable' concept that I have developed.

Trade Harbor Voice Authentication Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Trade Harbor is an Openwater portfolio company that I am leading our work with.  They have developed a highly functional Voice Signature Solution (VSS) used by the nation's top health insurer, top investment manager and under evaluation in a number of the world's largest banks.  We have helped them identify target customers, productize their technology via "Click to Authenticate", "Click to Sign" and "Click to Buy" applications.  We have developed distribution partnerships with Convergys and Microsoft (Tellme).  We are also assisting TH in building the international side of their business, working with a number of South Asian and Middle Eastern institutions.  Here is an article I wrote summarizing the VSS opportunity for Bank Transformation.