Ntrinsx On Line Behavioral Evaluation Tool

Ntrinsx is a new wave behavioral assessment tool designed with the Web in mind.  Unlike other more venerable tools such as Meyer's Briggs and Disc, Ntrinsx uses a four color format delivered via a web service.  This has two notable outcomes:  First, the web service means that assessment is cheap and quick:  an entire global organization can be assessed in a matter of days, with no assessment taking more than 20 minutes.  Second, the color schema allows for intuitive and high impact communication.  In organizations where it is used such as Google, color immediately conveys style and behavioral tendencies.  The behavioral assessment market has been stuck in Organizational Psychologist purgatory for some time.  I am helping Ntrinsx break out by focusing on the 99% of the opportunities not tied to Org Psych.  For example, the opportunity to use a fun tool to let online consumers identify precisely how they like to be communicated to would be an interactive marketer's dream.  Market segmentation and research would truly enter the realm of psychographics - one on one selling would have a common language and framework that would enable massive expansion.  Here's more on how Ntrinsx enables Relationship Leverage, another 'executable' concept that I have developed.